Simply Sustainable

This is about what happens in the smallest human ecosystem – our homes.

Businesses will not change on their own, they more and more respond to what the people want. And we want a lot of things, there are so many of them everywhere!

Question is:

Do we really need them?

My newly created concept provides 1:1 consulting for private individuals on how to develop a sustainable and conscious lifestyle. The areas covered encompass:

  • What is sustainability – get to know why you’re part of the UN. Yep. You are.
  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rethink: declutter your home, declutter your mind
  • DIY ideas and personal care tutorials helping you living a more sustainable and purpose-driven life
  • Get involved: what can you do to make this world a better place? will launch a series of workshops and online lectures in 2020. Check out the new website (available in German), connect and share.